Question Thermaltake V200 TG's RGB controller, missing PWM cable


Jan 29, 2019
Hi folks. I made a quick check the forum but couldn't find anything similar so gotta pop up a new thread here.

So I bought this Thermalthake V200 TG case back in Feb 2019. That time, an utter fool of me, I was waiting for other components to shipped so I didn't even unboxed the case properly. When I did though, it was already 20 days later since delivery so I missed my chance to refund.

The first problem I noticed back then was the RGB switch button on the front panel was missing but that didn't bother me since rest of the RGB controller set was seem to be intact. It was my first RGB setup so I took my time on it. I was using a MSI B450 Tomahawk I was pretty sure this mobo was supporting it but couldn't see MSI name anywhere in Thermaltake's guide. Althought there were Asus and Gigabyte in the manual with their own unique connections and that made me even more confused back then.

Given up, I just connected the PCI slot controller and was using it since than for a year. But a few weeks ago my CPU died. (I got a topic on that in here too. :p) So I butchered up my case to find what was the problem until I found it was the CPU. Yesterday, all of a sudden I realized that a slot on RGB controller was empty. After a quick check I noticed I was missing a PWM cable for 14 months. In my country it was already too late for refund or ask for assistance from the vendor, It's within 14 days from delivery and It's my foolishness that I didn't check that if anything is missing.

Well, long story short. I have a B450 Tomahawk mobo and a Thermalthake V200 TG case with RGB fans and it's controller. But PWM cable of RGB controller is missing and it is a problem to find what Thermaltake used. It's not an ordinary PWM cable. Both sockets are female and the one I need to plug to the controller is Thermaltake's own design it seems.

I do not have this cable, unfortunately.

It's not something fatal or important but I would really like to use this damn RGB on case fans within MSI software. How can I find this specific cable? Why Thermaltake did some horrendus design like this? Literally, I can not plug case fans into anything else but this controller because of the unique socket. I can't just find a PWM cable because the same reason. Should I just contact the Thermaltake RMA?

Funny enough though, they revised the V200 TG but not in the name. Only in specifications I could find there is a different sized variation called 2020 Edition and that supports 5 brands of mobos in the manual. Fair enough Thermaltake.

you can search ebay or something similar for replacement parts.
but the better option is to contact Thermaltake directly.

your case should have at least a 1 year warranty, any decent company usually makes it 3 years. in this time frame Thermaltake will replace any missing or malfunctioning parts.
just start a support ticket regarding your missing components and they will more than likely just send a whole new fan/RGB hub and/or the necessary cables and your missing RGB switch or a new front panel.
there should be no need for a full RMA.
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