THG's 15-Case Power Tower Round-Up?


Jun 9, 2004
Is it me or did this article miss the point? I thought the whole point of a case was to make the system look good, or you may as well just use a meccano frame. The Lian Li case looks awful, I wouldn't have that under my desk, and the same goes for that playdo like blob the Yeong Yang. The Antec is OK, but is a bit bland and not that stylish. Personally I feel the best case out of those is the Coolermaster Wavemaster, simply because it looks the best and most stylish. Also, my fav case at the mo would have to be the Coolermaster, yes I know again, Praetorian, basic design but well exicuted with the option to put some nice Blue/Red LED fans or UV reactive ones in the front grill to give it a really nice look. Anyway, back to the point, I feel that article completely missed the whole point of cases, and gave the really bad looking cases a good writeup.


Jun 26, 2001
I case can be viewed from your pov where looks r what matters, and also from a utalitarian pov (how well does it cool, how sturdy, etc.) I got a "pretty" case, and now it looks like a piece of crap with a nice big hole in the front and wires coming out of it. Pretty looks nice, but does it get you anywhere? You're not gonna pick up chicks with yer comp (hope ya realized that), and it basically just sits under ur desk. Hell, on an average day, I don't even look at my case. However, I have modded mine to have some extra thcikness on the panels, the front tho it looks ugly gives it much better cooling and reduces vibes and all-> quieter case and cooler system. If u wanna OC or have ur comp running 24/7 for weeks on end, invest in the better case w/ better psu, not funkadelic monster.

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Nov 17, 2002
I would rather have a case that is easy to install items, good cooling and sturdy. Who cares what it looks like if it is under your desk. The Wavemaster does look nice but for the price you pay for it, it should be constructed better.

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You thought "the whole point of a case was to make the system look good?" The <i>whole</i> point is just looks, huh? As stated by others, it sounds like you're putting form before function. And, what <i>you</i> think looks good or bad, someone else may think just the opposite.

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