Question Think I got Phished

Oct 28, 2021
Had some insomnia and was doomscrolling.

Clicked a FB ad on mobile which took me to this site:removed
(Actually an iframe containing of the true site which was removed)

Used autofill and I think the page used hidden fields to get information beyond just first name and email.

Is anyone able to take a look at this to see what I may have accidentally divulged?

I been phished before and changed passwords and stuff but there is no password tied to this website so I have no idea what to do and my anxiety is now in overdrive. So sorry to be a nuisance but if anyone could please help I would so appreciate it.



As of what happened - unknown. Taking a guess won't help your anxiety.

But for moving forwards, i suggest investing into browser guard. E.g MalwareBytes Premium,

Now, i have MalwareBytes Premium on two of my PCs and in my phone as well. Besides offering malware protection, it also offers browser guard too, which will block off all suspicious sites/scripts you may accidentally click/tap on, when surfing the web.

Before buying the MalwareBytes Premium, you can download and install the free version, which offers 14 weeks free Premium trial,

So, that you can test it out, fully, for 2 weeks, before going on with Premium subscription.
I used the free version of MalwareBytes quite a while and once free trial ends, you can still use it for manual scans (no browser guard when trial ends).