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think i may have shocked my gpu

Feb 9, 2019
so i recently put in a new stick of ram into my pc and everything was going smoothly, but now my gpu % for every game is way way way higher than it used to be.

I thought i grounded my self properly, even had an anti static wrist strap and I didn't feel any zaps or anything. Im really not sure what's wrong. like the gpu is going to almost max over small games.

i have a dell Inspiron 5675 and put another 8gb stick of ram and its working but the gpu is just way higher than normal.

What are the specs of your system? As the previous poster said, you may have basically been bottlenecking your graphics card before. When you added the ram, it may have allowed the CPU to start working more efficiently, which started being able to load the graphics card to max out it's performance.