Question Thinking about upgrading my RAM


Aug 8, 2019
Hello there fellow forum lurkers.
So I've got a few questions:
  1. Where can I find the latency (the 15-15-15-19 or something number) for my onboard, soldered 4GB RAM my laptop came with? Found it.
  2. Is that latency relevant for compatibility? Regardless, I'll buy RAM with the same CL.
  3. If I buy another stick of RAM, but at 2400MHz (I currently run at 2133MHz), will there be problems? I read online that it simply goes down to the lowest speed without any real issues.
  4. Aida64 tells me that my current RAM has a minimum and maximum voltage of 1.5V, but is currently at 1.2V. What the fudge does this mean?
  5. Last, but possibly the most important one: Should I go for another 4, or 8 GB of RAM? I mean, multitasking is great and all, but I've seen comparisons on YouTube in which there are less FPS in games with the 12GB RAM configuration.
A side note for the last one, I don't expect massive game performance from the 12 option, with my i7 7500U and 940MX, but I really don't want stuttering...
Any answer to at least one of the remaining questions would be highly appreciated...
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