Thinking of getting a new Keyboard.


Jun 3, 2012
Hey guys! I have had my G19 for a while now, about a year, and its starting to sh ow signs of wear, such as the LCD being stuck a little from time to time, to showing signs of outside wear such as oil stains on it, no matter how much I wipe it, and I washed it 2 times now (removed the keys itself, washed, dried and put back) and it's still quite dirty. Should I get a new keyboard? Also it lately started making those clicky sounds of normal keyboard that it never did yet, it's showing real signs of wear.
Also, off topic, the left and right parts of my Razer Mamba 2012 (the glossy finish, not the mat on the upper side of the mouse) is collecting grease from my fingers, I have to clean it with a tissue or an ear cleaner ones or twice a week to make it look clean, and its quite annoying 'coz you can feel it when you play as your finger rests on it, and if you move it it feels like bumps. Help?