Question Thinking of selling on my PC, how do I transfer Win10 with it?

Jul 7, 2022
Hi all,

Looking to sell my computer that I built through PC Specialist - as part of the purchase at the time I opted for Win 10 and was provided with a recovery file in my account downloads (called Win10_Recovery_OS_Multi_Language.iso) as well as some drivers for the network card I have, a file to fix a numlock issue (which I've never used) and a code 25 characters long with the header 'Genuine Windows 10 Home 64 Bit - inc. Single Licence'. As well as the above I have a header 'Recovery Media' that says 'Windows 10 Multi-Language Recovery Image - Unlimited Downloads from Online Account'.

Since I want to sell on the PC and probably keep the SSD I have is it possible to take the storage out (either putting in a cheap SSD/HDD or leaving it empty for the buyer to fill) and still keep the OS i.e when the tower is sold give them a USB stick with the Win10 Recovery file on it and the code I have?

I've done a bit of googling and found a way of transferring a windows key onto a new computer/hard drive via Command Prompt here but I am unsure how to tell if I have a Retail or OEM instalation of Windows?

Thanks in advance


Do you want to sell the system with the license?

Or do you want to transfer YOUR license to a new PC you own, and sell that PC with no license?

Either way can be done. is probably easier to sell the system with the license key it came with (add $$ to the sell price), and buy your own license for your new system.