Thinking of Selling


May 11, 2004
I have been with this DELL Dimension 2350 PC for 5 years. I am planning to sell it and get a new rig.

Should I sell the whole system together OR sell each part individually.

Here are the specs :

P4 2GHZ 400 MHz FSB Socket 478
Arctic Cooling Super Silent 4 Ultra
768 MB RAM PC2100
80 GB 7200rpm Maxtor ATA133 Hard Drive
Floppy Drive
Lite-On 20X DVDRW
NVIDIA 6200 128 MB PCI Graphics card
Intel 865 Motherboard ( 4 X PCI , ATA , Onboard Intel Extreme Grpahics)
250W PSU

Windows XP Home Edition Genuine
Office 2003 Standard Genuine

15" CRT Monitor
DELL Keyboard

Btw, how much can I expect for each part if I sell them ?
OR how much can I expect if I sell the whole system ?

Not much
not much

You have yourself an incredibly dated system. The items you will get the most for are the burner, HDD, and maybe the HSF.
A new P4 2.4 ghz goes for 50 bucks. You'll be lucky to get half of that.
A new GeForce 6200 goes for 40. Same as above.

You'd be better off selling the whole thing for 200 bucks or so on e-bay or just donate it to a local church or charity.