Thinking of upgrading from a G35


May 8, 2012
Hey guys, i just finished buying a new PC and was wondering if there is any really really good gaming headset that is a very good upgrade from a G35, i want terrific audio quality to enjoy my games some more :D. So far the G35 for me has amazing quality but i dont really have much to compare too so does anyone know of any pritty new products i could upgrade too?
A good soundcard [ASUS Xonar DX] paired with just about any Grado, BeyerDynamic, or Sennheiser headset would be a good step up. Plus, most soundcards have some form of headphone virtualization, just like the G35's have built in.

I moved from a temporary G35 to an ASUS Xonar Xense + BeyerDynamic DT770's [250 Ohm version], and its night and day.