Question ThinkPad Static Noise on Display

The Shroom

Mar 31, 2019

I ran into an annoying issue last week that I’ve been unable to fix.

Lenovo Vantage told me it had 2 updates ready to be installed. Without reading into it, I did as Vantage told me and installed the software. I had assumed they were normal software updates, but it turns out one of those 2 was a BIOS update. The laptop did its thing, it was hooked up to a power outlet, the BIOS was flashed, and everything seemed fine. Right up until the laptop restarted. Next thing I know, nothing is displaying on the screen except static noise.

Here’s a picture: View:

When the laptop powers on, the fn/esc-key lights up, and then the display turns on (with static), and then the fn-key stops shining. For a few seconds the fn-key, sound-mute key, and caps-lock key cannot be toggled, but if I wait for a few seconds and try pressing them again they start working. I’m certain the laptop boots into windows as I managed to log in to windows and use keyboard shortcuts (Win+D, ALT+F4, then ENTER) to power off the laptop. Spamming the shift-key also produces a beep sound.

Connecting an external display via HDMI doesn’t work.

The laptop model is a Lenovo ThinkPad E495.

Does anyone here have any ideas on what caused this and how I can fix it? Any help would be appreciated. :)