Question thinkpad x230 faulty wifi card, can it randomly shutdown my laptop ?


Jan 8, 2019
I recently accuired a 2nd hand thinkpad x230, on my own i did remove the WWAN card and installed a msata ssd in its place, also replaced the RAM modules from 2x2gb to a 2x 4gb( ram is verified pulled out from another system).

OS wise i installed win10pro as the system had its sticker with win7pro on it and the key was valid and got activated - asigned to the laptop. I did not install any aditional drivers or software from lenovo, im using what windows provided.

To test the stability, i did open some youtube playlist and let it ran for some hours with removed battery and only on the power addapter( i want to use the system mainly only for a mobile ftp server).

Heres where the problem starts: The laptop goes off at random not right away usualy after few hours. I belive it has something to do with a faulty wifi card as i did see some reports in the Windows Eevent log, saying it had to be reseted like 40 times as it did not respond, after that i dont see any more info as the latop probably shut itself down. I can understand that due to faulty wifi card the playback would stop but to crash/turnoff a system never heard of it.

Can i use some app to better pinpoint what is the source of the shutdown? i did not have any power outage, and the laptop ran close to 11 hours strait. Youtube playback should not be to demanding to overheat the laptop and cause it to turn off.

Maybe there is something special i should be looking for in the windows event log?

Can a wifi card shutdown a laptop, what tools can i use to better monitor/pinpoint whats exactly causing the system to shutdown


Feb 25, 2020
do you get bsod (bluescreen) with error code/message or just shuttdown/restart? The original wifi card probably not causing the issue, might be just wrong driver (if you get sudden restart), if you get bsod code which links to internet/wifi then it might be possible.

download aida64 trial, open tools => system stability test and press start, check few mins and see if you get "overheating" detected


If you think the WiFi card is causing the issue, remove the card and see how it works without it. Did you test the laptop before you stated to remove and add things? Try removing the RAM you added and using the original? You can't really trouble-shoot things with so many variables with what you did.