thinkstation with a 1060 ?


Apr 18, 2016
hey guys,

i got my hands on a lenovo thinkstation last week, it's rather old, but it has a xeon 1620v2 in it.
now I realize that processor wasn't ever meant for gaming to begin with, but it is a low thread xeon, and it seems rather similar to the processor I'm currently using in my budget gaming rig, the I7 2600(not K).
how will a I7 2600 + gtx 1060 machine compare to the xeon e5 1620v2 + gtx 1060 in performance, would one be noticeably better ? what kind of trouble would I run into if i tried using the xeon for gaming ?
Jan 1, 2019
There's no reason you can't game on a Xeon that I know of. At 4 cores/hyperthreading/3.5GHz, it should be just fine for performance.

The one thing to check is your power supply- a 1060 needs a 6-pin PCIe power cable, which many OEM power supplies skip. Given that you have what was once a high-end workstation you should have plenty of wattage, it's just a question of having the right cable.

If power/heat isn't a concern and you have a full 8-pin connector, you could also save a few bucks with an RX 580 instead- the performance is pretty much identical and they tend to run much cheaper.
I have been using E3-1231V3 since about 5 years.
Who said you can not game on Xeon?
Back then, I have chosen E3-1231V3 even from the start. It is practically like a I7 4790/4770 (no-K) but without the iGPU.
Of course you can game on it.
BTW, E5-1620v2 should be quite near I7 2600 for gaming, max 10% better.

Pre-built systems usually have a PSU specially picked for the oroginal configuration. If you plan to add/upgrade the GPU, I would recommend you go buy a new PSU.
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