Question Third monitor causes main monitor to periodically go black when gaming ?

Dec 9, 2020
after adding a third monitor to my setup, my main monitor started to randomly go black when playing games. I am a complete noob when it comes to computers and i believe the gpu's temperature is causing my main monitor to go black while gaming. When the monitor goes black, everything is still running, it just flashes black for 1/2 seconds randomly.
a couple friends of mine told me to get a stronger power supply and i was wondering if that would solve my issue.
the main games i play are csgo, valorant, and borderlands 3
i noticed that games like raft and borderlands 3 would cause my monitor to go black more often, to the point where it is unplayable so i would unplug one of my monitors to play them.
while i rarely get it while playing csgo or valorant it is sull pretty obnoxious.
any help is appreciated!
my current pc specs:

GPU: rtx 1080 ti
CPU: ryzen 5 3600
cpu cooler: nzxt kraken x63 liquid cooler
motherboard: asus strix b450-f gaming
memory: corsair vengeance pro rgb 16gb ddr4 3200 mhz
storage: samsung evo 970 500gb m.2 nvme ssd pcie


Windows 10: Look in Reliability History for any errors that correspond to the use of 3 monitors and the main monitor's screen going black.

You can also use Task Manager or Resource Monitor to observe system performance - determine what changes or is different between having two active monitors and three active monitors. The graphics may show some spike during those 1/2 second blackouts.


Current PSU: Make, model, wattage, age, condition?

Total up the power demands of your build.

Do so manually and by using 2 or 3 of the calculators listed in the following link:,4229.html

If any component has a wattage range (low to high values) use the high end value in your calculations.
Dec 9, 2020
Probably your issue there, running monitors on different refresh rates often causes small glitches. Set them all to something like 60 and see if they do the same thing or not.
so is the only way to fix it to change all 3 monitors to 240 hz? i couldnt change all 3 monitors to 60 hz, the main monitor only goes to 144