I have a t5720 hp thin client. 1ghz athlon, 512mb ram, 512mb flash disk, xp embedded sp2, fanless!

i would like to make it so that i can go anywhere and just type an ip adress into the adress bar of a web browswer and then access the drive. I may upgrade the 44-pin ata flash disk to a cf card adapter and put a big cf card in there.

can i use this as a server? for the internet and the local lan network?
can i do it while using xp embedded with 512mb disk, or do a need to upgrade?
do i need to buy an ip address or something?
i use the neighbors wifi, he pays for the at&t 6mbps package, i would maybe connect wirelessly, if that can be done with xp embedded?
oh yeah, and how do i set it up LOL


Not sure of the usefullness of this, storage space will be a problem.

yes you could do all that you want really, look at a remote desktop solution for connecting, GotomyPC, logmein, Ntr inquiero all will work, you could set up a remote desktop solution, or install a linux os on the machine, PcAnywhere would owrk as well.

Ip-Address would be easy as you get a NO-IP address and run the id client on the machine to take care of IP address (your address would be <NAMEGIVEN>

Does the Thinclient have WiFi card built in. What do you want to be able to access online from the HP (server) anyways.