Sep 2, 2015
This is a new one for me. Here's my story.

I have a basic headless server machine that I use to run some game servers and other basic utilities. It's an i7-3770 with an Intel DH67BL motherboard, 32GB of Crucial Balistix, and a basic SATA 128GB SSD running Windows Server 2019.
The system has no problem starting and booting to Windows. My problem is that when shutting it down through the OS, it stops outputting to the display and doesn't show any drive activity, but continues to stay on with the fans running....forever. It is not reachable by ping or remote desktop, or anything like that. The only way to reset it is to disconnect it from power or hold the power button. Restarting appears to work fine.

I am leaving town on an extended trip, so this could become a real problem if I accidentally shut it down (though logically that would be a problem for any remote headless server...duh me). I do have it on a remote switch with the auto power on when plugged in setting enabled, so that is always an option for a hard reset...but I hate doing that and it essentially prevents me from using the switch for any other systems.

I tried running the system with my bench SSD, which has Windows 10 on it. The problem went away. I tried installing Server 2019 onto another SSD and at first the problem wasn't there, but It returned quickly before I was even able to change settings. Seems like it could be OS and software related. (In that case I'm not sure if this question fits into this category...let me know.)

I was also going to try a BIOS update, but the files to do so basically don't exist anymore for this board.

I'm stumped. Thoughts?


Win 10 Master
Maybe try resetting the power options in the Server os, as often that problem is caused by a communication breakdown between windows and BIOS.

If it were only OS on PC I would also suggest resetting bios to defaults as that might fix it from the bios since. Win 10 install might be affected by that or it might be fine.
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