Question This CSGO ping issue really confuses me, Please help!

Aug 15, 2020
Hello, I usually play with around 30ms ping on Indian servers but a couple of days ago I have been getting 100+ ping in my games. It does not fluctuate and stays at a value throughout the game. Yes I am still in Indian servers and No noone else experiences high ping. Sometimes I get into game with low ping and it will randomly go up to 100+ ping and stay there for the rest of the game. It is NOT an issue with my internet since multiple speed tests tell me I have high up and down with low ping to its servers. "ping" in command prompt gives me a constant 10ms response. ONLY CSGO has this problem all my other games give me low ping. I have done ipconfig /release /renew and /flushdns and none seem to work.


This is the ping check that takes place on game start. As you can see it says I will have lower ping in Singapore servers than Indian servers which is ridiculous as I live in India. This is why I suspect its a routing issue on csgo's side but I have no Idea what to do. Advice would be appreciated.

This high ping only happens on official matchmaking servers and it seems to fix itself always after 12am and stays fixed till the next day where it goes to <Mod Edit> again. I'm now desperate for help.
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