News This Dock Turns Your iPhone or Android Smartphone Into A Laptop


Oct 5, 2018
This is really great. A lot of people want something ARM based and phones are already there.

My only question would be about the compatibility with purely Linux based phones, or phones that have been de-google'd and are now running some sort of OS like LineageOS.
I liked Razer's implementation, where they turned the phone, docked to the case, into a mouse pad XD

As form factor will never be uniform, it's almost impossible to get Companies to collaborate on something like this. Samsung has the docking station, which is really good, but the software is completely closed, so it's only for their phones.



Samsung has a thing called "Dex" which is a PC type environment that you can cast to compatible viewing devices. If you hook up a keyboard and mouse it is a rather convincing Android desktop experience. The biggest downside being that the phone device is running all its background load as well as trying to cast and be responsive to the "docked/wireless" environment. The demand creates an incredible lag and latency to the experience, even with a high-end device.

Beyond that aspect, much of what apps and so forth are designed for a phone are also designed to be interacted with via touch. Trying to force PC onto a mobile device is often a wash aside from very specific situations. IMO a wireless keyboard and a prop for your phone is still the best of both worlds for now.
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Oct 2, 2009
....or you can buy actual Win 10/11 laptop thats 1080p with 8GB of ram and probably 256 or 512 of SSD for the same price. This is a HUGE pile of trash.

I think you missed the point of this device. It would allow me to have all my phone apps and data right at my finger tips on a laptop-like device. And if I have a work phone and a personal phone it allows me to seamlessly switch between the two without the need to download or store my work data (workplace security violation) on another device. When I get a new phone the screen and keyboard would be the same, but other things like compute power, speed, storage, etc. would be upgraded due the better phone. If you have a small business, device management for windows PCs can be a major headache for even simple support issues. Taking that out of the loop by letting employees use a simpler and less tech-maintenance device like a phone for spreadsheets, word processing and other office/business tasks could save a lot of money. It may not appeal to you and your needs, but there is definitely a market for this kind of thing.


Oct 3, 2014
I own a Nexdock and that was a poor description. It can be used for far more than just Samsung Dex and a quick google search would would tell you that. You can connect any HDMI device as long as you have a compatible HDMI cable, you can connect a Switch with one usb c cable and any phone that supports display out over usb C or Dp alt mode, not just Dex and other phones with a desktop experience. I’ve been playing around with Dex since the Galaxy S8, it’s pretty amazing but the performance and usefulness was questionable at that time. I have no idea what type of old phone that other user here is using Dex with but on my s10 and my current Fold 3, Dex is amazing. You can easily multi task and still use your phone too, its remarkably good and you’ll forget you’re on a phone when browsing the web, opening media or large documents. The nexdock can even fold its screen over to be just a touch screen and the touch screen works on most phones and even on windows too.
Dec 12, 2022
Way to expensive for what it does. I use my Nreal Air glasses with a pocket BT keyboard and it all fits in my pocket unlike this thing. Just not worth it.