Question This is my 3rd build, Its fair to say it went wrong... please any help is appreciated


Apr 27, 2015
Ryzen 3950X - MPG X570 GAMING PRO CARBON WIFI - GTX 1650

I assembled the whole PC, except for one thing, I forgot to connect PSU to the 8+4 pin connectors for the CPU-pwr1 and CPU-pwr 2

I powered it on, and the fans spinned fast, RAM rgb lights turned ON, eveything seemed to be running fine, yet the system did not post obviously, and the monitor showed a "No Signal", and the EZ Debug CPU led was solid red light...also there was a red LED beside the 8+4 that I recall was on...not sure about this though... ** note that the system kept running and did not turn off until I flipper the PSU power... meanwhile the connected mouse and keyboard received no power whatsoever

I then realized I did not connect the 8+4 power connector, so I did connect that and tried to power it on, still the same issue remained, I did try to clear CMOS, did flash the BIOS, and still the pc turns on, with fans spinning hard, never showing anything on monitor, and with the EZ Debug CPU led on... still the connected mouse and keyboard received no power whatsoever...

FYI, even the gpu fans are spinning hard...

** when flashing the BIOS, I had everything connected, with the pc off, plugged in FAT32 usb with MSI.ROM file on it, and held the flash button for 3 seconds or lights no nothing, only around 1-2 seconds after I released the button did the PC turn on by itself, with BIOS led flashing slow, then fast, then turned solid red and remained like that...until I flipped the PSU after around 8 minutes

** I have some doubts around the motherboard, as it arrived open-box and even the nylon sack was not closed so..maybe it is a bad part..

situation right now: we are waiting for a guy who has soke experience to drop by our office on monday...maybe he can figure out what went wrong

I can't rest, my brain ans heart won't let me go on with my life before I figure out this problem...thanks for any help


Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

While waiting, occupy "brain and heart" by reading and reviewing the Motherboard's User Manual.

(Note: Do verify that I found the correct manual.)

Pay attention to all notes, fine print, warnings, etc..

Likewise read and review the applicable User Guides/Manuals for all installed components.

Most likely all of the documents will mention going to the manufacturer's website for more current information. Do so.

Hopefully just some error of omission or commission.

Consider taking all apart and begin again as a "do over".

Pay close attention to connections and seatings. No one wants to force a connection so what feels tight and in place may not be so.

You may need to gently unplug and re-plug a few times until any given connection or seating is firmly and fully in place.

Plan it all out - step by step. Keep notes as you go. If a problem appears then stop and resolve before proceeding.