Question This Monitor Too Good To Be True?

Apr 21, 2019
I was looking at some monitors, a curved 144hz one, preferable 1ms because I do competitive gaming, and on Amazon I saw in the suggested this boi:

It’s a Picio PX5 Hayabusa. It’s 25 inches, is 240hz AND curved (I thought you could only have one or the other), and on top of that it has freesync (g-sync with modification) AND it’s HDR AND it has a 0.6ms response time AND It’s a VA panel! It’s $299.99, which is cheap for what it’s offering, I think it’s cheap, I don’t know what these beasts are priced at.

I bought a dell s2719dg, which is 27 inches, 1440p and 155hz. I also got it at $299.99 which Is cheap compared to other monitors of similar specs. I learned it had a pretty decent ghosting problem, which is probably what I get for going this cheap, but it’s tolerable. I also learned I don’t need a monitor that big and 1440p, and I wanted a curved monitor for a better viewing angle. My point is, I don’t think I have ever heard of Pixio, but I don’t know a lot of gaming monitor brands. Is this too good to be true? Does it have any downsides I should know about? A lot of the reviews are 5 stars and say no flaws, should I believe them? No one said anything about the ghosting on my current monitor, so how should I know there isn’t anything like that on this one?