Question Thomson Neo12 upgradeable?


Dec 25, 2015
I bought the little laptop for my granddaughter's birthday and I'm wondering if I can soup it up a little. Has anyone done anything with one of these laptops? The manual is so poor and the Thomson website is a real laugher. I would like to put a larger ssd and more memory if possible. I can put a 128gb sd micro card for storage which helps but doesn't really speed it up any. Would really appreciate any help from the pros at Toms. Found out that it has an eMMC 32gb ssd and it is probably soldered in-no joy there. Haven't been able to find out anything about the memory except that it has 2gb. I think I'll just provide my granddaughter with a USB external drive for all the Disney movies she can talk my daughter into. Thanks to all of you who read this post. If anyone can point me to a technical manual, I would really appreciate it. Hey, it's her starter computer. I'll get her a better one in a few years.
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