Thoughts on ASPIRE X-Navigator ATXA9NW-BK


Jul 28, 2005
For the new computer im building im needing a new case for it. i was looking at getting the Lian Li PC-60, but it's out of my price range for now. Well since the PC-60 is out of my range, i was looking at the <A HREF="" target="_new">X-Navigator</A> by Aspire. it got a good review from Tom's, but i want to know how well it functions in a non-test everment.

here are the things i like about the X-Navigator:
-plenty of fans
-lots of room for HDD and the water cooling system im going to put in latter
-looks cool
-comes whith a PSU, will be upgraded latter
-price only $90 off new egg + ship

-wight(not a big blow for me, as it wont get moved much)
-side window, so i've got a problem with them, big deal
-beazle(front swinging cove thing)

well there are my thoughts on the case, but what do you guys think abut it?

also i'd like to add another fan over my cpu, how should the HS fan be blowing, and the case fan ove it? i was thinking, case in HS fan down, but i dont know, as ive never done a case mod befor.


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Jan 12, 2006
Any more thoughts on this? I'm liking this case for my build as well.

I noticed that the link above goes to a steel case, for $99, but this one is an aluminum case, for $55 more ($154). What gives?