Question Thoughts on these options?

Access is denied to me in the first build.
You can build the second pc for around $3,5k but considering the availability and the price of those components nowadays,that build aint that bad for almost $5k.
Cant believe im saying a prebuilt is 'good' xD


Aussie dollars, somewhat different 😁

While the second build would be better balanced, I believe, that extra $200 in the first gets you better storage. At least the first build used the upgraded version of the ML cooler, But, it's still a 240mm on that 10900k, which is really stretching thermal limits if it gets pushed with renders or similar that use high core counts at max speeds. Don't be looking at much (to any) OC there.

The second build has an oversized cooler for that 5900x, which even boosted to PBO levels, won't come close to taxing the cooler. So it'll run quieter.

Both have advantages, both have disadvantages, the question is which appeals to you more and which you can live with.