Question Thoughts or idea's on a new computer desk?


Jul 25, 2018
Trying to find a new desk for my computer as currently, my monster of a tower sits behind monitors and I can never enjoy the lights. My secret labs chair also has my knees hitting my keyboard tray which is iritating.
Would anyone have any ideas or thoughts on which desk to look for? I am trying to shoot for 54 inches but I can go wider i would just have to adjust things around room.
I have a FULL tower so the tower would sit on my right side to view lights but if there is a great stand for the tower I would not mind that with a smaller desk.
I have 2 - 30 inch monitors for my display and a razer black widow chroma keyboard.


You will need a solid desk or table to support tower and monitors.

Google "DIY a computer desk" and then narrow to images.

Not that you necessarily need to build your own desk. Just to give you some ideas about available options and possibilities.

Overall, you probably need to avoid those particle board computer desks that you assemble yourself.

However if you can find a solid table or a simple strong desk for little cost then you can modify as necessary to meet your requirements.

Drill some holes, add bracing, shelves, etc.. as needed.

Basically re-purposing and also saving a lot of money as well.

Look at places such as Goodwill, furniture stores with substantial discounts for damaged products, yard sales, ask friends and family.

Someone may give you a suitable "desk" for free just to get it out of their way.

Make some measurements in your room., Sketch the room out, start carrying a tape measure, and start looking.
I got my current desk from Boeing Surplus, which was formerly a desk of one of their employees. It's super sturdy as it has a 1 1/4" MDF top with walnut high pressure laminate, and an industrial grade steel pullout tray that is very beefy as well. It sits on black square steel legs. The only slight issue was I had to raise it up a bit because it was a bit too short for my legs. I did this by buying some 2"x 2" hardwood I had cut to length at the lumber store to fit each side of the steel frame, and some walnut stain to match the top. Then all I had to do was drill pilot holes through the wood and about an inch into the underside of the top, and screw the two pieces of wood and legs onto the top. It came out perfect and was dirt cheap.

Boeing Surplus has long since closed down and may have been too far away from you anyhow, but there are often places that sell used commercial grade office desks. Honestly, the places gamers commonly go for PC desks like Best Buy and Amazon always have really flimsy, cheap, overpriced crap. It's just not worth the time.

If you can't find a place that specializes in used office furniture, check with some office furniture stores. Some have used office furniture in their basements or warehouses that they sell as a last resort for those whom don't like what they see on the sales floor. I bought a pedestal table and a beefy end table, the latter of which was made out of MDF, and the end table was originally a wood cabinet they put a top on for me to turn it into an end table.

Don't be afraid to think outside the box, anymore that's what it takes to get good stuff at a good price.


I went to a used furniture store, picked a solid wood kitchen table. It was under a $100 but I can't exactly recall what I paid. Couldn't buy the raw lumber for what I paid though.

What you commonly see people do is get the kitchen butcher block countertops from IKEA, then you can just buy some sturdy legs, or some people just bolt them to studs in the wall and get a set of drawers or cabinet to support one corner.