Question Thread attempt #3 to play CSGO @ 144Hz (Monitor Recommendation)


Mar 23, 2014
Windows 8.1 64 on SSD
Intel i7-4790K (Not overclocked and won't be)
16 GB RAM (2 sticks vengeance ddr3)
Motherboard GIGABYTE Z97-HD3 LGA 1150 rev 2.0
GeForce GTX 1050ti 4GB not overclocked and won't be
EVGA supernova 650 Watt G2 80 plus Gold.

current panel is 60Hz.

I can't run advanced games with this GPU but until I upgrade I want to play CSGO or similar @ 144Hz 1080p 27" (or 120Hz if there's a good deal on monitor).

My other threads got lengthy and confusing.
Still confused about G-Synch, v sync, freesync.
My GPU has display port.

With this Synch stuff, do I even need it? or can I buy any monitor that has 144Hz and ask questions later? Is Synch just the monitor does the work for me, or can I use a non sync monitor and manually set the Hz per game?

Looking for something with VESA mount but if the panel overhangs enough past its built-in stand, then I won't need my articulating monitor arm, but I do play with my arms extended and therefore the keyboard and mouse is a bit past the front part of monitor, so I can't have the stand in the way.


Looking through your post history, you've got quite a lot of posts asking for a 200USD panel. I'm assuming that's your budget. In all honesty, just pick up any panel you want, so long as the 144Hz panel has the port that allows you to go to 144Hz. You should also take note of the ports corresponding on the GPU so you're good to pull the trigger.
Apr 10, 2019
You should get a 144hz panel that has display port connectors because display port connectors are the new standard on pretty much every new flagship card except for a few lower-end models. Also, you don't need g-synch tech, I'm using a 144hz monitor and it works perfectly fine without g-sync, its just nice to have. G-SYNC and FreeSync is tech that has the display refresh rate go at the same pace as frames rendered by the GPU which minimizes screen-tearing and promotes smoothness. For CS:GO and eSports games, the 1050 Ti works just fine at 144hz, I play Overwatch on low settings and get 120 - 160 FPS with a i5-3470. Also, v-sync is just FPS capping, whenever you play games you usually want to disable it in the settings.

Here are a couple that are less than $200:

Acer XFX240

Sceptre 27" Curved

Acer Curved ED242QR
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