Thread Stuck in device driver


Sep 19, 2013
I am facing a problem where I get the BSOD of "THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER".
It appears to occur when the PC starts to get under heavy load HOWEVER after the subsequent restart, it won't happen no matter the load or circumstances until the next power off/on.
I have tried using the guru3d driver uninstaller and installing fresh new display driver but I still receive the error. Any help would be appreciated.
Here are the last two memory dumps:!AnrPYiidJJ_PgXfioL1xbn31cUav

Windows 10
Intel core i7 4770K
Radeon R9 290
Corsair CX750M

Sean Franchise

Aug 8, 2016
I was plagued by this thread_stuck_in_device_driver error for over a year, both on Windows 7 and 10. I had done countless Guru3d uninstalls/reinstalls, reinstalled windows, reformatted my system drive, and even RMA'd my card (Radeon R9 380) for a replacement, all to no avail.

I feel like I should knock on wood based on how these issues seem to come and go, but I think I stumbled upon the solution, to my issue at least.

The issue did have something to do with the video card, but not video processing apparently. I saw a tip on another thread here or on the AMD forums (can't recall, but I wish I could thank the guy!) suggesting that his problems ended when he disabled the AMD Audio Device.

Since disabling that from device manager, I haven't had a single crash in weeks, and waking up the system, which would often cause crashes before, hasn't crashed once.

I have a slightly unorthodox setup, that mayhave been contributing. I use a HDTV, connected via HDMI as my main display, and keep a monitor as a secondary display for occasional writing/spreadsheet work.

Perhaps it's poor HDMI support from AMD under current Crimson drivers, but I'd love to know if others dealing with this problem also have their Radeon outputting to HDMI.

Hope this helps you!