Three beeps, no screen, no boot up


Nov 19, 2016
I am 13 building my first cpu I have encountered a couple problems and this time I just got my ram sticks

2 samsung 4gb 2rx4 pc3-10600r-09-10-e1-p0

Graphics card is a evga 8400gs graphics card
Motherboard is msi a75ma-g55

Hard drive is seagate barracuda 500gb

kentek power supply 700w gl-pspk700b with blue leds

I put all the parts in and I still got a three beep which means my ram is bad but I just bought it. I tried to clear the CMOS and then there were no beeps. I removed one part at a time and ended with the hard drive but I forgot I took out my graphics card in order to reach my CMOS battery so I tried it again and I first did my graphics card and it gave me three beeps. I am stuck at this what should I do now.
That memory looks to be Registered Server Memory, which is incompatible.

I don't know what APU or CPU you have, but you probably need Unbuffered DDR3-1866MHz memory.