Three displays on one graphics card?


Dec 29, 2008
My wife just got a new HP computer that has a single PCIe 16 slot and three PCIe 1 slots. She needs an inexpensive graphics card that will allow her to extend the desktop across three displays at once.

Two displays have VGA input ports and one has both a VGA and a DVI port. She uses the computer for business and working with photographs so there is no need for a high speed gaming card. I am looking for suggestions of which card to buy for her.

A price tag under $50 would be great; a price tag between $50 and $100 would be tolerable.

Thank you.


Aug 11, 2009
Hmm, not sure that is possible. Your only bet is the 5750 but doubt you'll find one for less than $100 ....and it will have to be using 'eyefininty' technology; using a 'display port' for the 3rd monitor. Currently the new cards from ATI are the only cards that can support 3 monitors on one card, As far as i am aware.

You could wait for the more mainstream / low end cards to come out from ATI ....these will likely be within your budget although im not to sure about the 3monitor support, but i presume they will support it.


AMDs Eyefinity cards are the answer. As mentioned, the cheapest card out right now is over your $100 budget. Your next bet is to use two cards, one in the 16x slot, and another in the 1x slot. Not sure you can buy two cards for under $100, as the 1x cards tend to be a bit pricy. Check out newegg and see if there are any 1x cards in the $50 range. Make sure you buy low end so you don't stress your OEM PSU.