Three monitors with ATI and Nvidia


Jun 2, 2007
OK, I am using a GT 440 and a X1950 pro. I need three monitors. I have will it work?

My system is

Asus P8p67 pro
8gb 1600mhz ram
XFX 650s

Do I need the samr brand? I was thinking of buying another Gt440 but im not sure if I can not just use the X1950 pro.

I am using windows 7 64 bit.




Aug 28, 2011
the x1950 pro supports 2 monitors.
as does the gt440 even in sli. only the 500 series supports 3d surround as nvidia calls it.
any radeon 5k series or 6k series supports 3 monitors but you need a display port monitor or an "Active Displayport Adapater". which is like $25 on

i think it can be done since win 7 allow different drivers to be used at the same time. but is easier if you get HD5k series or HD6k series since both card can drive up to 3 monitors with a single card.

nvidia surround (with or without 3d) support 200 series cards and above (if i'm not mistaken not all 200 series are supported for surround setup) but still 1 card can only use two monitor at the same time which means you still need to a second card to enable surround. AFAIK the surround only works with SLI setup and i'm not sure if you can get the surround to work with two different card for nvidia


Nov 14, 2009
not quite (@renz)... You should be able to run 3d surround with two 440gt's in SLI. I used to run my 295GTX (SLI in one card) with 3 monitors as a cluster with SLI disabled, and as a surround with SLI turned on. Any cards (200 series and newer) using the current drivers should be able to handle it. As for the ATI cards, you only need that display port adapter if you run the eyefinity cards that don't have DVI or HDMI... I've got two 6870's now that both have two dvi outs that I run the same 3 monitors from.

In other words dude, if you want to game across the three monitors in a surround you SHOULD be able to get the 440GT for SLI (I would confirm this for sure, but I don't see why it wouldn't work). To keep it simple, I don't recommend trying to run both of those cards at once, the drivers don't play nice without workarounds.
GT440 should be able to run surround since 400 series is supported (but i believe the performance is not up to the task for what surround gaming is intended for). the 200 series like GTX260 and above should have no problem running surround. but i'm not sure for the low end 200 series like GTS250 since the card are using G92 core. as for GTX295 it depends on the card. technically GTX295 should be able to drive up to 4 monitors but some GTX295 only have 2 DVI output. for this card you need another GTX295 to enable surround