Question Thunder fried my monitor - can it be fixed?


Oct 11, 2019
There was a tremendous storm yesterday, I was at my computer when a loud thunder was heard and in the same instant my computer and my monitor went off. Turns out it struck the pole outside my house that carries internet cables and fried my monitor, the network card on the other computer and my router, as well as 5 other routers in my street.

The monitor is a Lenovo 22 inch, I don't know which model though, but I assume that makes no difference here.

Is this something that might be fixable, either by some general electrician/computer servicer or a Lenovo shop?

My father tells me that maybe it fried a fuse in the monitor and that maybe it could be fixed by simply replacing the fuse. Is that so? If it is, would this fuse be something generic, purchasable in any electronics store, or would it be something specific to this monitor and possibly unprocurable?


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lightning struck pole, thunder is just the sound it makes :)

i don't know about repairing it, I think you would need to ask Lenova. Its possible you need a new monitor

I don't leave pc plugged in during storms, to avoid this very thing,. It could have also taken out the pc so be careful