Apr 28, 2006
I use Thunderbird for my email, but I can not set up two accounts that are independent of each other.
My ISP is Demon and the accounts are ‘lin@hostename’ and ‘pete@hostename’. The problem is that the mail for me downloads to my wife’s laptop + her own mail. If I run my desktop first my mail downloads to me but not my wife’s.
The two computers are wirelessly networked, not that I feel the problem is there.
Has anyone any idea what I can do to remedy the situation.
Would appreciate any suggestions on the problem. :?:
Do you have both accounts set up on both computers? If so, set up one account on each computer and the problem is solved. Another option would be to configure Thunderbird to leave the mail on the server until you delete it. This way, all mail from both accounts can be downloaded to both computers.


Jan 31, 2006
I think you may have to set up 2 accounts with your ISP and then set up the accounts on Thunderbird on for each of the ISP accounts. If you only have one E Mail account with your ISP, I think Thunderbird will just download all the all mail on that account. If you have 2 ISP accounts, then the address will be different on each for each account and you set up Thinderbird accordingly.