Question Thunderbolt 3 Titan Ridge Mobo is not compatible with Thunderbolt 1 Device - Circumvention possible?

Mar 7, 2019
I'm using a Z390 Designare which features 2 Thunderbolt 3 Titan Ridge ports and those ports should be compatible with all previous Thunderbolt peripherals. Gigabyte has informed me that there is indeed a problem with the Z390 Designare and Thunderbolt 1 peripherals. They won't update the firmware to fix this issue and are officially only guaranteeing compatibility with TB 3 devices.

I can't return the mobo anymore and I have a pretty expensive audio interface that uses TB 1. I know that my audio interface and my startech adapter are working correctly with my macbook pro, so it's not the fault of the Thunderbolt adapter nor is it the fault of the audio interface. Can I put something between the adapter and the motherboard ports to make this rig work? Maybe a Thunderbolt 3 dock? I'd need something that converts the Thunderbolt 1 output of my audio interface into Thunderbolt 3 data so that the Titan Ridge controller on my motherboard doesn't have to do this conversion.

Or is this futile since all these adapters/docks are doing is basically forwarding the signal to the mobo thunderbolt controllers so that they convert it into the final product?