Ti4200 Driver Question


Mar 31, 2004
I'm currently running 43.51 driver on an XFX ti4200, if I drop in the latest NVidia drivers, mt 3dMakk2001 score and aquamark drops by 10% or more.

anyone else seen similar and what's best driver for GF4ti4200?

MIS645Ultra/2.4G A-Pent/2*Corsair 256MBit CL2-2-2-7XMSLLPT PC3200 DDR RAM/450W Enermax PSU/1*40Gig 7200rpm Wes-Dig/1*20Gig 7200 Hitachi Disk/GeF3 Ti200 LeadTek G-Card running 520/230 Ram/Core MHz.


Mar 10, 2003
It is gennerally understood that the newest drivers are not optimized for older cards. Although the newest drivers will work, and may have some game specific bug fixes, they have been optimized for the current line of cards. Few, if any, changes have been made for the GeForce4 line of cards.

Having said that, I have a Ti4200 and I am currently using a beta set of 61.11 drivers and I am seeing good Aquamark scores. Not the highest I have seen, but close enough that I am not going to go back. I like some of the extra features in the newer drivers, like the built in pop up-stopper, and the game profiles.

You might want to check out guru3d.com, they have a fairly large downloads area with many different driver versions. Including a section dedicated to 'modified' drivers, there are some there that give a good mix of performance and IQ.

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