Question Ticking noise coming from psu

Aug 13, 2019
Video showing ticking sound
CPU: Ryzen 3200g
GPU: RX570
Mobo: ASRock A320m PRO4
PSU: Corsair 550x gold
Ram: 2x4 2400 Gready.

I'm a newbie in the PC building world. I've been hearing ticking noise from my new build, it barely has a few weeks old; those noises come from the back, PSU. I didn't pay to much attention to it at first, since everything was working fine and that noise would stop now and then.
However from now and then when I try to turn my PC on it won't boot and show no signal on the monitor but all the fans are working and the power button is lit and everything, but said button won't turn off the computer after it stay in said state. I turn the PSU off and on till my PC finally boot.

Today it won't boot at all. I've tried everything; Fans and lights and buttons lights still work tho. I disarm everything and gave a quick check to the PSU and smell the 24 pin MOBO cable (the side that is connected to the PSU, the side that is connected to the MOBO smells fine) and it smell kinda burnt, same thing with the 24 connector on the PSU. All other cables and connectors smell normal. I guess the tick sound come from there.

What's going on? I need help ASAP D: !
PS: I've also noticed the PSU fans spin and stop quickly after.
PSS: English is not my first language so sorry I guess.
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