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In response to a request from Proximon, heres how I think you can wire six fans on a 360 Rad and not have a billion wires straggling everywhere,
three on top, three on bottom of rad

ok, heres how you lay out the first two fans, it will help stability if you mount them on the rad first
note the wires are together and tape them just to keep them together for a minute


now add the third fan with the wire as close as you can align it,

start your tape from the edge to give it a little grip as you pull on it,

and keeping the wires in the middle of the tape as much as you can, take it to the other two wires

cut it off where they all join, then tape them all as one binding as far as you need to

Now I'm out of fans here so its description time,:p
repeat the above steps for the bottom three fans, tape the binding from the top fan set to the bottom fan set and bind all that as one, into your case and out of sight
feel free to run a couple of times all the way around each set of fans to give that tidy 'taped all the way round' look
I use Taxidermists fabric tape btw, Egay usually sells it for about £7 a roll

hope this helps you all in the pursuit of cable management (well, as far as rads go anyhow :p)

Thats what I was after lol but I struggled to find it these days, this was closest I could get :)
it is quite low tack though so a dab of Cyanoacrylate glue maybe to hold the ends in place may help
I've used black electrical tape on a couple of builds but I wanted matt, non-shiny, stealth tape hehe,
Maybe I should repackage a roll and sell on Egay as

**Tactical Modding stealth fabric wrap**
hides cables, improve framerates and lowers temps, may even make you more attractive to the opposite sex (not guaranteed)
£15 a roll hehe