Tiger direct computer ( Witch Doctor)


May 12, 2012
HELLO everyone. i was at the tigerdirect.ca store today in mississauga ontario canada, and was looking at their which doctor set up for diablo 3. had anyone heard of it and what is the feedback on it.

core i5
nvidia GTX 550
8gb of ram
and thats all i can remember

please hit me up with some info on that pc or any other suggestions for a pc to play d3 for under a grand.

i will be running on a 31" sony bravia 1080p tv with hdmi cord


Is the I5 a 2500k or another version of the I5? The video card is ok but I would upgrade it. The 550 is a middle of the road GPU. It's usable for gaming but it's no GTX 580. Also now that the 600's are out it's one generation old. Either way I would upgrade the video card. 8 Gigs of RAM is more than enough you probably won't use anywhere near the full 8 gigs gaming.