Question Time for a new motherboard?

Jan 22, 2023
To preface: I had a friend build me a PC in 2016 that was high end and I've decided to move it to a new case. I've never been very good at building computers personally and wanted to learn more about it by moving my existing parts to a new case.

Parts list:
Motherboard: Crosshair 6 Extreme
PSU: EVGA 750 G3
GPU: 1080 TI
AIO: thermaltake floe riing plus 360
New case: Lian Li Lancool 3

Issue: when I attempt to plug in (not power on) the computer with all pieces plugged in (same slots from old build - using pictures for reference) no lights show up on the motherboard. Lights do come on the GPU however so I am concerned that the motherboard may be fried from the move.

Leading up to this issue/ Troubleshooting so far: I unplugged everything from the motherboard except the motherboard power. Turning on the PSU caused the cpu warning light on the motherboard to turn on (indicator that the 8pin isn't connected). Resetting the CMOS battery didn't change anything with the issue.
Last night while trying to put everything together, after everything except the GPU was connected plugging in/ turning on the PSU caused the motherboard lights to work like normal. After plugging in the GPU I tried pressing the power button and all lights went out with a faint pop sound. I unplugged and checked the connections and tried again with the same ambient lights turning on and when the power was pressed a pop followed by everything turning off. I left at that point to figure it out today and the ambient lights aren't coming on anymore at all.

Is the motherboard fried, and is there anything else I should check first, thanks for the help!

Images of current situation