Time for an upgrade, first in 4 years



so, my box is turning 4 years old, time for an upgrade

i want a fast and responsive system but i won't be gaming at all
my main use, other than everyday stuff, is audio+video encoding/decoding as i am an avid cd+dvd+bluray collector

i have most of the stuff figured out, but i wanted you guys opinion on a couple of things

1st, i5-2500k or i7-2600k ?
i'm thinking the i7 is overkill for my needs

2nd, dedicated gpu or not ?
can i get away with just the integrated graphics processor in the cpu? seeing as i don't intend to play any games at all
the igp is supposed to be great for my needs
i'm assuming that's a possibility using a z68 based mobo

those are the things that will influence more the final price,
so any feedback is appreciated, thx

also, i wanted to go for a latest gen ssd, but i read stories of bsods with the likes of ocz vertex 3, etc
should i wait for a fix?