Time-of-day clock stopped


Dec 9, 2011
I have a Dell laptop and when I turn on my laptop, I get a black screen with the words "time-ofday clock stopped" and can't move away from that screen. What is wrong with my laptop and how do I fix it?

Thank you

Sounds like a battery problem.

You should be able to buy a new one for only a couple bucks, but it would require you to go to some lengths dismantling the area under the keyboard in order to take the other one out and put the new one in.

You could attempt to just take the other one out and put it back in without buying a new one in order to just reseat it, but in my judgement it is unlikely to provide any lasting benefits. If the battery is indeed fading away as I expect then just reseating it wouldn't breathe new life into it. The price is right for reseating, though, at $0 so it can't hurt much.

Opening laptops and working with laptop hardware is much less fun than it is for regular desktop computer hardware, though. At least I expect most would agree, I know I personally like to tinker with my household desktops but hate to do it on my laptops.

If you download a technical manual from DELLs website that explains how the motherboard is constructed and you have a couple small screw drivers then there is no good reason you should have to pay a repair service $40 - $90 an hour to do this sort of work, though.

Once you figure out how to take it apart, the actual process of replacing the battery is pretty straightforward. You just use a small screw driver to gently push on a metal piece holding the battery in and it comes right out, then you just stick the new one in its place. Anyone confident with a desktop could take it out and put it back in the desktop in 1 minute, but digging through the laptop hardware will take considerably longer, perhaps even a few hours for those not knowledgeable and confident in this sort of work.