Time to overclock


May 23, 2010
ok i finally got my pc parts and got it all together and working fine now i want to overclock it. not to high but just to get some extra kick to it.

i found this guide of of another post from bit tech i swear its the one and only step by step overclocking link in the entire world.

got a few questions though. 920 and 930 you over clock the same right?

i read this thing like 10 times well 1-5 anyway the rest was benchmarks (along with other sites and all there is to it is setting voltages/frequencies and once that's done you just start lowering voltages till it doesn't want to start to get the lowest temps correct?

now just to make sure i dont forget anything cause if this blows up im screwed, wont be able to fix it for like 2 months. (hence y i dont want to go the most extreme clock)

are these the only things you need to mess with to get a good over clock ??

Overclock Tuner - Manual

Turbo Mode - Disable

BCLK Frequency.....200

DRAM Frequency.....1600

CPU Voltage.....1.35

CPU PLL Voltage.....1.96

QPI/DRAM Voltage.....1.35

DRAM Voltage.....1.66

numbers are from websight so i would only use them as a guide figuring mine woudl be different. any thing else i should mess with?? one guy on youtube went in and disabled his.....

cpu and pci e spread spectums
cle support
execute diable bit
intel speedsten
intel c state tech

but no other sight went disable crazy like he did so should i be disableing anything or no.
You did right by reading the manuals and guides first. And I like your conservative approach.

Yes, the i7-920 as well as the i7-930 OC the same way. In fact, overclocking principles are very much alike for most CPUs.

Start out by setting the RAM ratio to the LOWEST setting (8x?) - use manual settings as opposed to auto - then increase the base clock in gradual steps. Pay close attention to temps and voltages. Do not exceed manufacturer's recommendations for voltages and RAM speeds.

Follow the guides, and you will be fine.

BTW, 1.35V for the CPU appears to be high. Run at the lowest stable voltage.

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