[SOLVED] Time to upgrade my Fractal Design Define R2?


Nov 23, 2014
Hi there,
I am a proud owner of the Fractal Design Define R2 ATX mid tower case, and have had it for over a decade.
The case has seen many a GPU installed from my SLI 570s to SLI 780s to a 1080ti and now I own a Gigabyte Turbo RTX 3080.

I purchased the Gigabyte Turbo RTX3080 purely as this was the only 2 slot card I could find that fit inside the Fractal R2, my issue is now when I attempt to use the GPU at max power settings (clocks at 1710mhz out of the box and can reach at high as 2100Mhz), the card reaches thermal throttling speeds and I don't want to cause the card any damage or shorten its lifespan.

The Fractal R2 has 6 chassis fans installed, 5 of which are Artic P12s, and a Noctua high airflow 120mm. My fan configuration is as follows;
2 x 120mm Artic p12s as front intake.
2 x Artic P12s as top exhaust, 1 x Artic P12 as a rear exhaust, and the Noctua on the bottom of the case as an intake pushing air directly into the GPU.
My case temps do get higher than 84 degrees and I presently use MSI Afterburner to downclock the card to 85% power and this keeps the temps at about 75 degrees C at max load when gaming for prolonged periods at 4K.

Would a new mid tower ATX high airflow case alleviate my temp issues with the Gigabyte RTX 3080, and if so any suggestions on which case to purchase would be appreciated?
Finally..... I am a complete noob so would not do the transfer of components into the new case myself, would rather pay someone else to do it for my peace of mind, so would like to keep the cost of a new case to under $200AUD if possible, and it would be another $150-$200.00 speculating for labour of having someone else do the build.

By the way for reference I have an i5 10600 non K CPU and the temps never exceed 60 degrees EVER when gaming for long periods of time.