Question Time to upgrade my GPU from R9 380. Advice ! Please ?


May 4, 2016
Well, to begin with, I'm no ultra gamer by any means. Casual once in a while. Only gaming I did was Guild Wars 2 for a while, tired of that now. So I decided to give the Witcher series a try. Suffice to say, the Witcher games have took my expectation of games to a different level to which, I felt nothing playing the Tomb Raider games.

So with the R9 380, The Witcher series was pretty smooth, played Wild Hunt on High 1080p with ~50-60 fps. The GPU started to choke with the AC Origins and Odyssey where it jumped around 30-70 fps on medium settings. But I managed. Then I realized, if I want to play future open world titles like The Division 2 or Sekiro etc, I'd need a GPU upgrade. On my 1080p 75 Hz monitor, the dilemma cometh.

Where I live, the GTX 1660 Ti launched with a base price of $300 (MSI Ventus/Zotac twin fan). To mention, AMD is the only GPU I have always used since I discovered what a GPU is, like ATI Radeon X800, HD 6870 and now R9 380 . But here, the AMD prices haven't yet recovered from the post mining madness so the RX 580 is more expensive than the 1660 Ti. Anyway, for 1080p 75 Hz, what is my best choice ? My budget is sub 300 USD nonetheless. Get the GTX 1060 with $100 less..or the $300 1660 Ti or add $100 and get the RTX 2060 ? I know that the 1660 Ti is a on a whole different level than the 1060 while the RTX 2060 is 20-30% faster. Or, get a second hand GTX 1070 which would be $50-60 less than the 300 mark. AMD is out of the question at the moment. Or, wait for something else to come out ? Confused !

My PC specs-ish:

Ryzen 5 2600x
16 GB 2666 Mhz DDR4
Silverstone Essential 600 80+ Bronze
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