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Timehop Breach Exposes 21 Million Email Addresses

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If you give your personal information to Facebook and whatnot, you are a useful idiot. I find it interesting how so many people out in public don't want their faces recognized and get upset when others take photos of them, but yet said people have no problem revealing their personal lives and every walking minute of where they are to Facebook with the "check in" connection. You can't fix stupid.

Oh okay. So I will assume then that you had no problem with Facebook trying to backdoor gather health care records of users (if you missed that story here on Tom's, look it up). Fine. I'll step down from my high horse and sit back and watch people whine when their personal information is exposed publicly for free entertainment.

PS: Facebook right now is under a co-team investigation by the FBI, DOJ, SEC, and FTC for civil violations. Like I said: useful idiots.


Dec 10, 2015
Re-posting memories looks nice. But i'm afraid of the hackers. But it's only your choice. It's your life and your own risk.
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