Question Tips for better internet

Sep 14, 2019
I've been having issues with my internet for quite some time now and I really cannot come up with a good solution so I wondered if anyone else has been in similar situations.

I live with my family in an apartment that is quite big, the modem is installed in the very end of the other side of the apartment with my room being as far away as it can be. By the modem, we also have our router. At the moment I have a wifi extender in my room that recieve signals from the router and then I have an internet cable from the extender to my computer. The extender does not get a good signal from the router because of the distance and therefore I am suffering great loss in my internet speed. I realized that the optimal thing would be to have an internet cable that goes all the way from the modem or router to my computer but it´s would be a very long and complicated route.

Any tips on how I can fix this problem or at least get a little better signal in my room?
The extender is really not much different than if you bought a USB wifi nic card just a different connection to your machine. Extenders were not designed to function in the way you are using it. It is suppose to be placed 1/2 between the signal source and your machine.

It is a one time deal to get the ethernet installed and then it works good forever pretty much. It is worth quite a bit of effort. Do not be tempted to use the flat or thin cables though if you can not use regular ethernet then don't even try it.

There are really only 2 other options. You can try powerline units. These work well for most people. Get the newer AV2 based models. There are the rare houses they do not work in unfortunately so make sure you can return them. The other option depends if you have tv coax in your room that somehow connect to tv coax near the router. You can try devices called MoCA. These tend to be more expensive than powerline but provide about the same speeds.