Tips on how to remote control WinXP-clients



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Dear all,

I would be very grateful for any tips on secure software (i.e.
preferably those that use strong encryption between an admin and a
user) that one can use to remote control clients (running WinXP) over a
network. This program should preferably be able access our Windows
Active Directory to look up users and computers.

Be advised that I'm not interesting in programs that create a new
terminal session to a user's computer (i.e. shadowing), but am
interested in programs that lets an admin control the very session a
user controls.

I've already come across the following programs, i.e. I need tips on
others, and would be very happy if you could provide pros and cons for
them as well:

* PC-Duo
* Netsupport Manager
* Remotely Anywhere
* Remote Admin
* UltraVNC

Thanks in advance,