Question Titan Black strange behavior/not working as it should.

Nov 26, 2021
I have an old Titan Black that's exhibiting some strange behavior. This card started "acting up" in the first machine. The card would sometimes fail on boot and give a blank screen however I can see the hard drive activity as Windows continued to boot. This is confirmed as when I press the power button the computer would shutdown after some brief HD activity. When the card works, it works! Fully functional and stable under load! Since then I've disassembled the card, cleaned it, and reapplied thermal paste.

At some point the card would no longer work in that first computer so I pulled it and stored it.

The other day I decided to try it in another machine. This is where the weird part comes in.

I've tried this card in two other machines.

First machine was an older Intel 4770k on Z97 mobo BTW.
Card doesn't seem to work anymore!

The second machine is my main rig 5800x on X570.
When I place this card in my main rig as a secondary it's fully detected by Windows and works fine.
Later I tried it as a primary card. I didn't see a post screen and I didn't try to get into the bios, however when Windows booted up the card works fine!

Third machine is also an older Intel G3258 on Z87 mobo.
The card will not post! I don't have Windows installed but the card will not post to see the bios! This machine does work with another card and I can get into the bios fine.
If I have both the Titan and other card installed I can post into the bios fine. But the Titan by itself doesn't work.

Because the card seems to be fully working on my main rig (although I didn't see a post screen) before Windows boots, I'm sure this card is functioning correctly.

However like the behavior on the first and third machines, something slowly failed on this card to make it fail to show a post screen and in the case of the first machine, fail to work even after a Windows boot.

I've tried many different bios options on the third machine but nothing seems to work. My next step would be to install Windows and see if the card works after a Windows boot even though failing to show a post screen.

I hope I explained this well enough. Does anyone have any advice off hand about why this card slowly lost the ability to show a post screen in order to change bios settings and only work after Windows has booted?

Thx in advance.