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Jul 11, 2020
Hi so I bought the TL-WPA8630P Kit last week and since switching out from my £20 develo 500 mbps powerline adapters to these £150 adapters I've had non stop problems with, I'm honestly frustrated at this point and I'm sick of the support team of TP-link going through the troubleshooting steps with me as if it would solve anything (I have done everything possible) the main reason I purchased these was because I was looking forward to having a better wireless connection in my room and 3 Ethernet ports for the consoles/PC I own, I really would like to just have a straight forward solution to what exactly is causing this issue and the main issue I'm currently having is that when I play any game at all the ping will spike every 15-30 minutes or even 5 minutes on a rare occasion.

games i lag on are rocket league, warzone, csgo thus far that i have tested all online. (i get around 18 ping then randomly spike -10-15 ping when the issue occurs which freezes up my game completely for 2-3 seconds.)

apologies for the little rant.


Thanks for the advice everyone, I fixed the issue by turning off Ipv6 for LAN on my SKY router. I appreciate all the help.

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If your devolo speeds were okay and you only needed better wifi and wired devices, just get a router and disable the dhcp and wire it to the powerline.
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