Tn or ips for gaming


Jul 11, 2012
I am currently looking for a new monitor for gaming that costs under $200. I have been looking at a couple linked below but would like any input or recommendations. If u can recommend one not listed that's fine too. Keep in mind im looking for something with no ghosting and decent color reproduction. Thanks!

Must be 1080p! Need to upgrade from my 1050.

Also what provides a better image: dvi or HDMI?


at under $200 anything you buy will be 6bit which means that as long as you buy a decent product the color reproduction will be similar. for this price point you might be able to get an e-ips panel which will give you a larger viewing angle then tn panels which is definitely a plus. or, if you are fine with the viewing angle on tn panels you might opt to go for a 120hz panel. your choice.

asus, acer, dell, viewsonic.... commonly recommended brands.

as far as dvi or hdmi? if you plan on 60hz gaming then either will work. if you plan on buying a 120hz tn panel then you need dvi. remember, your video card would also need to support this.


Generally speaking, I prefer IPS to TN panel monitors. While the IPS monitor you have chosen uses an e-IPS panel instead of the more expensive H-IPS / S-IPS panels. Some monitors with those panels cost more than all 3 monitors you listed combined. I should know, I have 2 such monitors.

While e-IPS panels are not as good as their more expensive brothers, they should offer better viewing angles and color reproduction than TN panels. They only "bad thing" about e-IPS panels for some gamers is the "relatively high" 5ms - 8ms response time. But the chances of seeing ghosting is minimal. You should note that ghosting can occur on any LCD monitor even ones with 1ms or 2ms response times. It is simply a limitation of the technology. If you absolutely want a guaranteed zero ghosting, then you need to by a CRT monitor (oh wait, they don't make 'em anymore...).

The ASUS VS239H-P gets my vote.