TN vs. IPS display

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For the average the difference is as follows:

TN panel monitors:
+ Lower response times (2ms)
+ Lower cost (but 120Hz TN panel monitors are more expensive)
- Poor viewing angles which means as you move around while looking at the screen you will notice color shifting.

IPS panel monitors:
+ Better viewing angles
+ Generally better color accuracy but most people are not concerned with color accuracy. LCD monitors need to be calibrated for color accuracy though. This can be done with additional hardware you must buy. Or by simply "eyeballing" / manaul adjustment; not very accurate though.
- A little more expensive than TN panels to a lot more expensive. "IPS" is a general category and not all IPS panels are equal to each other. The same can be said of TN panel as well though.
- Higher response times. Typically the best response time is 5ms vs 2ms for TN panels.

Lower response times generally means less ghosting, but all LCD panels have at least some level of ghosting. It is simply a limitation of LCD panels in general.

Personally, I prefer high end IPS panel monitors.
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