To cool or not to cool

CyanideCool aid

Jun 8, 2009
OK well I'm about to build a new rig, specs below:

Phenom X3 720 2.8GHz BE

Gigabyte Ga-Ma790x-UD4P

G.SKill 4GB Kit DDR2-1066

CM690 Black case

Antec EA650w PSU

XFX HD-489x HD4890

Ok now, I'm planning to OC the CPU and not that you need a new fan but the thing is, with summer coming around (NZ) and my smallish room, with my Xbox 360 on, it gets hot enough. Now done my research and found that the GPU & CPU can get quite hot. The reason I ask this is because I dont feel like sitting in a furnace.. Seeing as the summers are quite humid here. Any fan recommendations? Not to bothered by price, nothing OTT though. Or shouldn't I worry at all?

And I know this is a bit random/odd but yeh :sol:


Jun 4, 2007
Computers and all electronics will produce heat. It is generally better for electronics to remain cooler.

Even if you keep your CPU/GPU cooler, it will still need to exhaust that heat. When my computer is on, I can tell it, and I have plenty of fans moving air and an aftermarket cooler.

Really, the goal is to keep the components cooler.

I have a friend who has 8 computers in a room in Oregon - they have to keep the window cracked even in the winter. Computers, especially ones that have quite a bit of power and higher-end components are going to put out some heat (sometimes quite a bit).

Here's a site to look at coolers -

It's a good thing to have aftermarket coolers, especially on the CPU, but you're more than likely going to have a warm room.