To: Forum Admins


Dec 25, 2012
I just tried visiting and I was blocked due to

"suspicious activity from my PC"

What kind of guano service are you, guys, using. I know 100% that no suspicious activtiy from my pc to this forum was made. Thanks god I was able to google myself on this forum to gain access.

Above is just one of my posts.

So, what kind of activity does detects? I would be grateful for the explanation.

I do have ghostery installed and I refuse to allow them to track me.

Thank you in advance.
We have trouble with people scraping the site to re-host elsewhere, and posting spam here. They've managed to effectively DDoS the site with ridiculous numbers of requests several times.

Blocking JS and cookies (what Distil detects) is extremely suspicious in that most bots don't handle this adequately. This throws red flags, and is the internet equivalent of having darkly tinted windows on a black car. This is suspicious activity.

You can re-enable only 'Distil Networks' in Ghostery without allowing everything else. I suggest you do this; it's what pretty much everyone else did.
sites getting finniky again.
i use ghostery and whitlisted distil networks a while ago but today i got the capcha again.
i imediatly checked ghostery and theres no distil tab to select so whats up this time? what do i need to allow to stop the captcha?
Really sorry about that. Unfortunately, even without doing anything unusual or wrong, you might run into it from time to time. Hit reload (you usually don't even need to actually fill in the captcha), and you should be fine.

I'd probably set it to be a bit less paranoid, but I don't have access to their config panel or the stats they're setting it based on.


i've encountered this recently myself when multi-tabbing and sifting through the drop down "my top categories" quickly. i chalked it up to the distil settings being paranoid though since it doesnt trigger often i'm not sure if that is or is not the case.

i managed to hit the captcha at least 4 times in 10 minutes then it stopped showing up. rather strange. not using ghostery myself.